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Who We Are?

Bangladeshi Community School (BCS) is an ethnic school under the Office of Non-Government Schools and Services (ONGSS) of Department of Education and Child Development (DECD), South Australia. We are a member of The Ethnic Schools Association of SA Inc. (ESASA). It is established and managed by South Australian Bangladeshi Community Association (SABCA).

The school location is Goodwood Primary School and weekly class on a part-time basis on every Sunday evening during school days. The objective of this school is to provide support to South Australian communities to learn Bangla language along with rich Bangladeshi cultures. We also promote the cultural development and individual talents.

What We Do?

We teach Bangla language and cultures to the children of Bangla-speaking or any other backgrounds living in South Australia. We are confidently delivering you the best Bangla education for your childs on the land of South Australia. We get smiles and future of kids as a goal and motivation for us.

Highly qualified teachers ensure that the curriculum is both academic and of high quality. Our teachers, specialised books, games and methods have made our school a model for multicultural education in South Australia.

Besides teaching Bangla language, we also celebrate various important dates of Bangladesh and Australia. We also provide facilities to the parents to pass their time while their children are in the class.


Md Saroar Jahan, Principal, BCS

Welcome to the Bangladeshi Community School website. It has been my delight to watch so many students develop high levels of proficiency in Bangla language along with Bangladeshi cultures we offer.
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